Twenty Twelve!

12 Jan

To bring in the New Year, we (ok, ok I alone…) decided it would be “fun” and “exciting” to let the kids stay up till midnight. Then I decided it would be even better if we did 12 activities – one per hour starting at 1pm. This is what is called “it works in theory” because in actuality, in the reality of my little world – letting kids stay up hours past their bedtime is a terrible idea. And doing 12 activities in one afternoon is maddening. Did they have fun? Yes. Did I have glitter and food coloring in places I shouldn’t have? Yes. Will I (note, Ben, I did not say “we”) do this again next year? H-E-doublehockey- NO. Mama didn’t raise no fool. Well, apparently, she did but this fool will not be fooled again! BUT if you want to know what we did, here it is…pictures and all. Happy New Year, y’all!

Here’s how it went down…

let the countdown begin...

I filled twelve balloons with one activity each and strung them on a piece of twine. Idea was for a different kid to pop one each hour. Got the idea from Pinterest (hey, are you following me yet?) – love that site. Anyway,  when I told Selah about this idea, she had the wisdom to suggest that each kid create one activity themselves to be included. Which was awesome because 1) I was running out of ideas and 2) I was running out of ideas. It basically worked although we ran an unexpected errand and did #4,5,6 all at the same time and then kids got sleepy so we did #9, 10, 11 at 9pm, put on a movie and by midnight – only Selah and Silas were still awake. We decided to do #12 the next morning at breakfast. Whew, no wonder it took me 12 days to post this…still recovering!

1pm – Let’s take muffins to the neighbors to say “Happy Near Year!” Afterwards, let’s take a walk around the neighborhood.

Let's do this, man!

2pm – Let’s make shaving cream cards! Messy, fun and creative! Tutorial here:
I amended the directions by using food coloring, instead of acrylic paint and just used printer paper. It worked beautifully! Instead of a squeegy, I carefully scraped the shaving cream off by placing the paper on a clipboard and wiping carefully with a ruler. Just don’t let the shaving cream sit too long – it weakens the paper and can cause it to rip more easily when wiped off. Let it dry and then you can turn it into cards (which we sent to the grandparents.)

3pm – Let’s have an egg race in the backyard. Selah’s idea was particularly fun due to the twist of having to race on one leg, with one eye closed and backwards!

4pm – Let’s play Star Wars charades! (Charades but all the items are Star Wars-related by Solly’s design.)

5pm – Let’s make glittery “HAPPY 2012” art for our fireplace. I cut out “HAPPY 2012” ahead of time and then we sprayed each letter/number one at a time with silver spray then quickly glittered the heck out of it. After it dried, I stapled it to some string and we had a cute, glittery garland to replace the advent garland on the fireplace.

6pm – Let’s play Guess The Princess. Um, yeah – this was exactly as it sounds. Saron thought of a princess and without any clues or hints we had to guess what princess she was thinking of. She loved every minute of this game. ☺ Silas, did not.

7pm – Let’s play Star Wars Character Game. Silas thought of the rules here. Each of us was to invent a new Star Wars character. For example, mine was Duchess Yoyopipalla (swaggy, yes?). After everyone had a name in mind, we went around telling everyone the name and the game was that they had to guess the spelling. Kind of fun – especially with two, creative-spelling first graders.

8pm – Let’s make a fire and read stories to each other around the fireplace. Except the wood was wet and we couldn’t get the fire started…but we read anyways.

9pm – Let’s play balloon dance volleyball! Using plastic plates as tennis-like racquets, we put on our favorite music, danced and tossed balloons around. It was a blast! Definitely an easy activity for any normal day as well as birthday parties and special events.

Balloon volleyball eventually turned into a dance party….


I throw my hands up in the air sometime!

10pm – Let’s play New Year’s BINGO! Downloaded a cute little template from here:

11pm – Let’s think about 2011 and write down some of our memories. Again, template here:

12am – Let’s celebrate new years! Pop the poppers, spray the string – its 2012, let it ring! And that is what we did the next morning. Absolutely so much fun to spray all that crap on each other! This may be all we do to ring in 2013 ☺

Just like Times Square, right?Selah took this picture. Well done, Se!
This means war!

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  1. Mahlet January 18, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    I know you know this Lilye, but if I was 1/4 a creative as you are I would put Martha out of business :D

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